Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Is Seeking To Reposition Itself As An Important Policy Advocate In Abu Dhabi And The Leading Business Membership Organization In The Region

As The Established Voice Of Business In Abu Dhabi And A Winner Of Multiple Excellence Awards, The Abu Dhabi Chamber Is Highly Regarded For Advising Business And Policy Makers.

The Abu Dhabi Chamber provides a one-stop-shop service for businesses that need to grow by providing specialist market information, research and feasibility studies and help to connect local and foreign businesses via its network.

As a major partner in the economic development plan of Abu Dhabi, the Chamber can help businesses understand the impact of new legislation and policies and communicate feedback through its equally unique relationship with the government. For more than 40 years, Abu Dhabi Chamber has managed to acquire a range of original business information that is unmatched by any other business organization within the region.

The provision of business intelligence and linking businesses with national and international opportunities are the pillars for Abu Dhabi Chamber’s services, hence Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a network everyone wants to be part of. The Chamber also contributes to the development of entrepreneurship in Abu Dhabi through various programmes that provide, business counselling, and training, among others.

The “Mubdia’h Programme” 

The “Mubdia'h Programme” Was Established In 2005 By The Executive Council In Abu Dhabi And Pertinent To Allowing Women Nationals To Practice Some Business Activities From Home Via:

  • Continuing to use the home as a residential unit in the first place
  • Non-prejudice to the rights of all inhabitants in society to lead a quiet sort of life in residential districts
  • Licensing certain business activities whose operational nature conforms to the specifications relevant to a residential setting

Rationale Behind The Mubdia’h Programme

  • Regulating women nationals’ practice of trading activities via home in a legal manner
  • Creating a mechanism that would help women citizens, who are practicing business activities via home, turn into engaging in outdoors businesses
  • Disseminating awareness of the right way through which a number of female categories can manage to be involved in commercial business via home in order for them to improve their financial status

Examples of such categories are:

  • Working families
  • Divorcees
  • Widows
  • Female graduates
  • Housewives

Objectives of the programme

The programme is intended to:

  • Support and back up female nationals’ ideas and initiatives for investment in private projects
  • Providing action mechanisms that enhance the windows of success for women citizens, e.g. training, marketing and technical support
  • Bringing to bear the women nationals’ contribution to activities of the economic sector, business and trade fields through providing them with a favorable chance to engage properly in commercial activities
  • Regulating the process of practicing the commercial activities via home in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • Opening up domains and roles for female citizens, urging them to be creative, innovative and to develop their capabilities